Vehicle Trailer - For Sale

46HudsonPU Administrator
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My 2015 tandem axle vehicle trailer is for sale (see photos below). The bed is 18" long, and 82" wide between the fenders.
The trailer was purchased (used) in 2019, in Virginia.  About the time I was ready to register the trailer in Maryland, 'COVID' was upon us - and I never got around to either registering or using the trailer.  Although it has never been registered by me, I do have the Virginia title I was given for it.
Originally, I was going to use this trailer to haul my Hudson projects, however that never came to pass..  :(

The good, bad, and ugly:  As you can see in the photos, it has an electric hitch crank, and an electric winch. It needs a new battery (current battery is dead, in the blue box up front, inside it's own plastic marine-type case).  I have never operated or checked the functionality of either the winch or the electrics of the hitch crank. I used the crank manually - as I recall, the handle is stored in the blue box up front (which is bolted to the front of the trailer).

Condition: I pulled it home (in this condition), from VA, about 75-80 miles. Tires are good, it pulled nice without any issues  (empty, behind my Honda Ridgeline), lights and brakes functioned. It sits, where I parked it, at that time. There are a couple of broken rear 'side-marker lenses' seen in the photos - I have replacement lenses for them, which will go with the trailer.

Offer:  It is offered 'as is' & 'where is' - $1,500 (OBO), cash, personal check (no PayPal, Venmo, etc..).

Location: In Maryland, between Washington, DC., and Baltimore, MD - adjacent to Ft Meade.

Contact: If you are interested, contact me via message on this forum (at least initially, we can go from there);