Late 20's F-Head engine/trans found

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Hello, I am starting a new project and looking for a Hudson 6 F-head engine/trans. I am new to the Hudson world. When was this engine made and were they all the same. What have you? thanks, Don Feeney central Oh,


  • I think it is generally accepted that there are two or three series of these engines through the three years of production (27-29) as the factory made improvements along the way. I believe Geoff Clark to be an expert on these engines, and any other part of Hudson or Essex vehicles of this era. I will send you a PM

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    There are three versions of the F-head Hudson engine. Early 1927 had plugs on top of the head and two-branch inlet manifold. Late '27 to mid 1928 had plugs on right hand side, and single inlet elbow. Dampener on front of crankshaft. Mid 1928 had internal changes, with lighter connecting rods and crank weights. All had rear facing carb intake. Clutches and flywheels same on all these. 1929 had "moose-horn" manifold, crankcase breather, and changes to cylinder head, with offset rockers to give greater valve lift. Carb intake now faces forward. Bigger clutch and flywheel.

  • I would like to thank everyone who has posted . I am slowly moving forward on my project.

  • My E-mail address is if anyone has some parts I would be interested in. thanks, Don

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    I have found a engine and transmission.

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