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I went to purge my Draft Folder recently to find im setting on a lot of communication from Ike Smith before he passed. If had time would share more...Ike not only was a champion Drag Racer himself back in the '60's, Ike was the actual 'Wrench' behind a lot of other Record Holding Hudson's too. Ike was a Master at fooling Tech Inspectors... Just a couple of Ike's innovations was altering the Hornet Lifters to rotate 180 so they could run a spl Dual Pattern grind Cam, with both stock and modified Profiles. He also changed the internals in the Hydros to launch much quicker than stock...Apparently in his 80's when communicated with me, Ike was working on an HEI Dist and TBI Fuel Injecting a Hornet...... I wish I had known Ike back when raced Hornets....
PS: I wonder if most people here also view the Hudson Site on FaceBook?


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    Why don't you think about putting these Ike Smith things together for us to read. Make Alex Burr could help figure out how to share via the club website.
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    Great suggestion.
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    I also have a high level of intrest in Ike. I have a car that he prepared for Wayne Graefen and raced in Southern California.
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    In junior college '65-67 I bought the '54 Hornet Special Coupe that Brownie references above. Of course I couldn't afford active drag racing participation but Ike had his quonset hut doors open every night on Riverside Drive just down the road from Chavez Ravine in Los Angeles and his expertise and tools were all free and parts needed reasonable and in stock. Ike had great stories, a great personality and may well be my most unforgettable Hudson character. I did enter the drags at the old Irwindale strip just one time. Brought home the trophy in M/SA and still have it. Good times, good memories, thanks.
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    Wayne, We need to talk. I doubt that you would want to give up the trophy, But, I would sure like a nice photo of it.
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    BP, you have my contact info. Email and I'll send you these.
  • I met Ike back in 1956.We sold him photo reproduction equipment.We were in drag racing when Ike got his first Hudson. He took me around Echo Park lake(that was a thrill!) Never thought Hudsons were so fast.I went into the Army and lost contact with him.
  • Some great history here, I love reading this stuff.
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    Get hold of me via the NZ HET Club & I'll lend you a DVD of Smokey Yunick talking at a US HET National meet in 1999
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    Flatheadracer,  Ike had a Quonset hut on Riverside Drive just a bit north of Chavez Ravine  (Dodger Stadium) in the early '60s into the '70s at least.   Think the city forced him out of there but don't know where to.  He moved out to Porterville which is where I believe he spent his last years.   What class(es) did you compete in?

  • ESSX28-1 said:
    Get hold of me via the NZ HET Club & I'll lend you a DVD of Smokey Yunick talking at a US HET National meet in 1999
    Thanks, I've still got to join up, it's only been a couple of years of procrastination, I keep meaning to join, and I will, as soon as my money issues resolve themselves.
  • Love the Stories about my Dad = IKE SMITH ! he was amazing with anything with a motor.... he could make anything go fast ! I thank God everyday that he was my dad ! He made my life Fast and Fun !
    I just picked up his last 7X race motor that he built the year before he past..... I'm not sure I can part with it! Maybe it can go sit in a Hudson museum ! Thank you Hudson Heads for talking about Honest IKE !
  • Hey, I’m pretty sure I have been the care taker of Ike Smiths Hudson Jet since 1984. 
  • raldoran said:hello sir I’m Ike’s daughter and I would love to see pics of this jet !!! I looked for years and finally found a 2 door ! We are putting his last 7X engine he built in it ! 

    Hey, I’m pretty sure I have been the care taker of Ike Smiths Hudson Jet since 1984. 

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    I have been contacted by a journalist in the UK who is after information on Ike and the car for an article he has been asked to produce.

    If anyone has any information of note please contact Zack at zb.stiling@talktalk.net

    His email attached:

    I am a motoring journalist near London and I contribute regularly to Classic American magazine. I have recently been asked to write an article about the 1954 Hudson Hornet Special Coupe was imported into England by Mike Stanley a couple of years ago.

    Mr. Stanley tells me that it was drag-raced in the 1960s by the well-known Hudson tuner Ike Smith, and I would be very glad to learn a bit more about this chapter of its life. According to this discussion on the H.E.T. Club forum from 10 years ago, there are at least a couple of people who are aware of the car and know a bit about its past.

     If you have any way of putting me in touch with the forum users @Browniepeterson and @StillOutThere, a Hudson historian or archivist, or anyone else who might know the history of this Special Coupe, I would be very grateful for their assistance.

    For your reference, this is the car shortly before it left America: Red outside, red inside, and rare all over, this 1954 Hudson Hornet Special features Twin H power and interesting provenance | Hemmings

    My deadline is 25th September. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully discovering some interesting information.

    Yours sincerely,
    Zack Stiling

  • Paul, If this is the car Brownie Peterson restored, Ike didn't own it, but did work on it when it was owned by StillOutThere (Wayne G.)