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Common Issues/Problems -

Unable to initially log-in to the forum (?):  Typically, either your 'handle' (or email address) is typed incorrectly, or/or your password isn't typed correctly, or your 'CAPS Lock' is on (passwords are case sensitive).  If you initially experience problems logging-in and already had an account on the old forum, do not attempt to create a new account.  Simply click on the 'Forgotten?' link next to the password field.  Fill-in the information, and the system will automatically respond, sending instructions to the email address in your membership profile.  Should you still experience issues logging-in, send me an email - (remove the HET from the email address - it is there for the SPAMBOTS). 

To establish or change your avatar:  Look toward the top of the page, find and click-on your 'handle'.  That will take you to your settings.  Within there, you should see 'Change My Picture'.  From there, you simply browse to the location (on your computer) where you have a picture you want to use as your avatar.

I’ve fully registered (No longer a 'Confirm Email' member or 'Probationary Member'). Why can't I post?
First, look to the 'Forum - Instructions and Tips" category for most instructions on how to function within this forum. Also - When you register, you must log in to be able to post a new topic or reply to an existing one. This forum software requires your browser to allow "session cookies" in order for you to log in. Our session cookie is a simple text file that gets copied to your computer that helps our software view your log in status. Without these cookies enabled, you'll never be able to fully log in.


Moderators/Admins -

Please do not respond to individual posts here, other than an acknowledgement (if you choose to do so - it is recommended that this be done).  Please initiate a PM to the member experiencing the issue/problem, and try to include other Moderators in the PM.


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    This may not be an "issue" but...

    I don't see the number of posts next to peoples' names, wherever they post a message.  Maybe this is a feature that no one cares for.  I found it interesting because you could always tell the "newbies" (due to the low number of postings next to their name) and you went out of your way to help them, or explain things to them.
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    edited February 2014


    That is among several 'Plug-ins' (enhancements) that are awaiting consideration for installation & configuration (off-line discussions on this are flowing).

    Among those enhancements pending is 'file upload', a popular feature which allows .pdf files, text files, .gifs, picture files (.jpg), etc., to be posted as well.


  • RL Chilton
    RL Chilton Administrator, Member
    On another forum I often frequent, is a feature, "New Posts", where it actually lists all of the unread posts via the thread they originated.  Nice feature, and convenient for getting "caught up", so to speak.
  • akcoop
    akcoop Administrator
    Make sure that you delete your cache on your browsers.  You computer will cache URL and associated information.  Makes loading sites faster but your computer may not load the new page right away.  
  • 12BoltTom
    12BoltTom Senior Contributor
    I have figured out the body required thing. Normally on a website you just type into the white box and hit POST. On this one, before writing, you have to hit the WRITE COMMENT box first.
  • I, for the life of me, can not start a new discussion.  the page opens, but my computer freezes up when i try to type in a subject.  I then have to shut it down and I get error report. ???
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    edited February 2014

    @paulrhd29nz -

    Try this.  If you are having issues, click on the button circled in RED (shown below), then try posting -



  • Park_W
    Park_W Senior Contributor
    Rick . . .  can you confirm:  we don't have a topic search function at the moment?
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    edited February 2014

    @Park_W:  Park,

    There is a search function (little window in the upper right of the screen, just to the left of the 'Go' button). 

    However it works as well as it did under '' (i.e., not very well).  There are some 'enchancements' that may be 'in the works', however there are no guarantees that they will improve the current situation any (at least until we are able to try them).

    Also - Once the 'moved' forum has been around for a while more, we can look into how well 'Google' will come up with results - as an alternative to an internal search...

  • Lee ODell
    Lee ODell Senior Contributor
    How do I delete "save draft" that I do not want to post.
    Lee O'Dell
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    @Lee ODell - Open your 'Drafts' folder (do not open the draft thread).  Move your mouse to the extreme right of the area where the thread title is shown - you should see an 'x' appear - click on that 'x' to delete the draft. 
  • oldhudsons
    oldhudsons Senior Contributor
    edited March 2014
    what & why is "Body is required"??????????
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