"CLASSIFIEDS" - Guidelines & Rules (READ This First!)

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The categories in this area are provided for the sole purpose of assisting owners of Hudsons, and forum members. 

These areas are where anything that is 'for sale, wanted, etc.,' should go.  It also includes those "Hey, I found this on eBay, craigslist, etc. and thought you-all might have an interest" type of posts.  If this type of thing is posted elsewhere - it will be 'moved', without notice. 

  Important Note:  *Only logged-in members of this forum can post to these 'classifieds'.*

  1. 'Sellers' are responsible for any and all content in their offering; 
  2. 'Buyers' are responsible for any and all due diligence in all aspects of any transaction(s) that they decide to engage in;
  3. This area is viewable only to fully verified and confirmed  forum members. Guests, general public, etc., will not have access;

Basic rules here -

  • All 'classifieds' must pertain to Hudson, Essex or Terraplane vehicles, parts, manuals or memorabilia;
  • The seller is responsible for the description, pictures, and any/all content;
  • The buyer is solely responsible for all 'due diligence' in all aspects of any and all transactions;
  • These rules are rock-solid and not negotiable;

Every classified thread must have:

  • An accurate description of the item(s) for sale.  Pictures are encouraged;
  • The correct and accurate name of those offering the item for sale (no 'handles', fake names, etc.);
  • A good means of contact - email address, phone number, or address (if preferring to transact business by mail);
  • A price, and whether or not the price includes any other charges, shipping, taxes, etc., as applicable;
  • When an item is sold (or no longer for sale), the seller must post to the thread indicating it is no longer available;

Seller - Contact Information Requirements - Full Name, along with:  an email address, phone number, and/or address

  • Name must be valid, correct - no 'handles', nicknames, etc.
  • Email address must be complete and valid, however can be 'added upon' to prevent SPAMBOTS, like XXXJohnS@mail.net;
  • Phone number must be complete and valid, however can be 'altered' to prevent SPAMBOTS, like 481-234-nine one four two;
  • Address must be complete and include a house or apt number (if applicable) and zip code (P.O. boxes are acceptable);

Buyers & 'Tire Kickers' -

  • No comments allowed unless it assists in describing or identifying the item(s) in the listing(s);
  • Dickering, negotiations, etc., should be via PM, email, phone or mail.  No transactions are allowed via comments posted to threads;

Violations of any of the above rules and polices will result in immediate deletion of the thread and or post.  Severe violations will result in further restriction(s) imposed.

The main area ('CLASSIFIEDS') is closed to threads, posts or comments.  It's purpose is to provide an area for announcements and information pertaining to the Classifieds area(s).


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    46HudsonPU Administrator

    Notice:  The 'Classifieds' area is now viewable by those not 'logged-in' to the Open Forum. 

    However, only those who are current members in good standing have permission to post threads to these areas.

  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    These guidelines are here for the benefit of both the buyer & their potential customers - please follow them...
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