In need of bullet connectors

Aaron D. IL
Aaron D. IL Senior Contributor
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Hey guys on the new forum.  I'm in need of some bullet/Snap/banana connectors for the wiring harness on the 1950 P sedan so I can finish it.  Mostly I need some to connect to the OEM dashboard switches and such.  I probably need some to fit 12-16 Guage wire.  I don't know the exact sizes or metric equivalents.  If you know please respond.  Also please respond if you know of a good source for these wiring connectors.  I'd rather have some similar to original.  Not those cheap plastic crimp-on ones.  I plan on soldering them.  Or if you know of an assortment pack of sizes I can get that would work too.  Looking on the internet has been surprisingly difficult to find these connectors.   

Thanks in advance for any leads you can give. 


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