The "Blue Band" at the top of the screen.

Here's an explanation of the menu items on the blue band, at the top of the screen:


Main menu of all forum ''threads" or "topics", in every category.   Categories (or sub-forums) are listed at right; click any of them to read all the threads, there.  (A "thread" is begun when you click START A NEW DISCUSSION and post a message.  All the following replies to your first posting, become part of that "thread" or


Non-operative function from old forum; ignore. 

List of all PM (Private Message) "conversations" you've engaged in, at least until you  delete them.  A number in a small white box next to INBOX indicates the number
of conversations stored there.  A "conversation" is started when you PM someone,
or someone PM's you.  Each additional reply becomes part of that
"conversation".   (See "How To Send a PM")

"Your" forum 'Profile' page with provisions for editing your account,
changing your avatar or thmubnail photo, changing password, or specifying when
you'll be notified.  You can also read all of the individual "Comments" you've
added to the forum, "Discussions" you've started, "Activities" you've had, or
"Notifications" of PM's you've received. 

Small yellow boxes appear next to messages, alerting you to new, activity at this message since you last visited the forum. This is a "toggle" switch.  Click once, the yellow markers appear.  Click again, they're gone.

Where you sign in or out of the Forum. You do not have to sign out at the end of your session, if you have clicked "keep me signed in" when you last signed in;  just
bookmark or "favorite" the Forum on your computer, and when you come back you
will already be signed in!

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