High Speed Gears for 34-38 Hudson and Terraplane--Also fits 33 T-8!

ivanz62 Expert Adviser
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Have learned that the 33 cars can use the same gear set, so if you have a 33 and want a gear set, sign on now. 

 Gene Birdsall--I think you wanted to be on the list.  Please confirm your Forum name is "hudsonsplasher1". 

 Email me at this address with your contact info:    ivanz62@comcast.net


  • TerryPlane
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    '33 but not '32? (Thought they were identical!) And, NOT the '33 Pacemakers (or whatever they call the Big Hudsons with the triangular headlights)?
  • ivanz62
    ivanz62 Expert Adviser
    Can't say about the 32s being the same.  I am relying on Tom B's looking at his 33 ET-8 and his saying the new gears can be fitted.  I know 33 ET-8s have a different axle shaft from a 33 ET-6.  The 32 could use the same differential. Then one could fit a 34-38 differential  with the new High Speed gears installed.
  • Richard E.
    Richard E. Senior Contributor
    Hi Ivan, I sent you an email, I would like to have a set of these gears.  Thank you.
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