Wanted-Dual 1bbl intake

BillUSN1 Member
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I know, I know..everybody wants one.

I would like one to set up a dual 1bbl EFI system for the Super 6.

I already did a stovebolt. Would like to do the same for the Hudson.




  • TwinH
    TwinH Senior Contributor
    Crossfire TBI's?

  • No but those would work also. They have a much bigger foot print so I don't use them.
    I prefer the 2.5 4cyl TBI. They were used on other engines too and there are 2 bore sizes. I normally grab the bigger ones.

  • ski4life65
    ski4life65 Expert Adviser

    Sent you a private message about manifold

  • RL Chilton
    RL Chilton Administrator, Member
    Well, there you go Bill!  Don will take care of you, I'm sure.  Please keep us posted on your progress.  
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