That little cloth cowl strip

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My efforts to research this have been hampered by not knowing what to call it...

Does anyone know a source for that woven strip that runs across a stepdown's cowl? It is fastened to the cowl with a line of tacs and essentially seals the gap with the rear edge of the hood.

Peter Sefton


  • StillOutThere
    StillOutThere Expert Adviser
    "Cowl lace" or "cowl lacing"   Several types made.  Get the right width and profile from any of many hobby suppliers.

  • RonS
    RonS Senior Contributor
    Restoration Supply in Escondido Ca sells it.
  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor

    I believe Dr Doug carries all the proper widths as well.


  • SuperDave
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    Model A Ford 1930-31 radiator shroud lacing is identical. usually sells for about $10.00.  Keep your old nails and use again in the same holes.
  • RL Chilton
    RL Chilton Administrator, Member
    Yep, buy from Hudson folks.  Dr. Doug carries them for all Hudsons.  
  • pseftoncomcastnet
    pseftoncomcastnet Senior Contributor
    sent you a pm, ken
  • RonS
    RonS Senior Contributor
    Thanks for the tip on the cowl lacing. The hood on my 53 always tended to just touch the cowl in front of the Pside wiper and if I left the cowl vent half open, there also. I had to make the hood come forward about 1/16 inch . What a nuisance. Even now I have to be careful to open the hood by favoring the right side first. I never thought of raising the cowl lacing. I give it a try next time I need to make an adjustment
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