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    Its primary purpose is an outdoor grille (propane).  It has been on & off Ebay multiple times (2+ years), and the seller wants a large amount of green for the thing...

  • RL Chilton
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    It's really cute, but you could buy a whole car for 4k.  O.k., not  a good one, but hey, you'd have enough metal to make two trailers, one of the front end and one of the rear.  
  • Chris Smith
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    For that kind of money, I would expect more than a Kirby vacuum paint job and Tijuana rattle can chrome . It should have a motorized hood lift and a built in stereo and then it would be worth a quarter the price..
  • The paint job is all custom, and not " rattlecanned"
    And the painter that did the paint job is actually well known, he used to paint race cars!
    As for the price, well, it is negotiable, and there is plenty of room for the stereo, and speakers, and the under The hood grill part is all fabricated by me, the only thing not fabbed is the burners and the gas valves.
    And I just posted it on eBay last month and not 2 years ago!
    Thanks for the comments, regardless of good or bad, and the front clip, ornaments, and front grill, and rims are all original to the car! No aftermarket parts!

  • 46HudsonPU
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    Adam - We are a small group here, who notice 'Hudson' things.

    This particular trailer has been around for a while, and 'last month' was not the first time it has been listed for sale.

    I will say this (not having seen it in person) - It does appear to be high-quality workmanship/craftsmanship, and a somewhat unique design.  Something that would catch a person's eye, for that 'second look'...

  • I saw all the posts and was surprised at the comments, and yes it turns heads! I almost got ran into from a car behind cause they were trying to take a picture.
    The paint color changes as the light hits it, and its not built flimsy
  • I got the front clip from a car in the scrap yard, I basically brought it back to life
  • There was 1 more complete Hudson at the same yard, I am surprised instead of making fun of my trailer, that somebody didn't ask about the rest of the car, or for parts??
  • Last time I seen it was at Paones in Ontario.. Last summer. I am guessing it did sell.
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