NEW - Sending A Private Message (PM)

There has been a lot of change due to the move of the forum to a new version (required, to keep our support).

One of these changes is to the icons and locations of the more frequently used utilities - Private Message (PM).

At the top - left of the screen, you will see your 'Handle' - your forum name. Below that are several icons -

A ball (globe) = Notifications;
An envelope = Inbox;
A Star = bookmarks;
a Gear = account options;

Clicking-on any one of these will open that 'feature'. The one we are focusing on in this thread is the 'Inbox', which will take you to the area where you can send a PM.
Click-on it, and it will show your existing Private Messages (PMs), or you can click-on 'New Message' (upper right corner of that window) to send an new Private Message. From there, it is simply a matter of selecting those members to send the PM message to, and what you want to say.


Another way to send a member a PM: As you are reading a particular or specific thread or post, click-on their 'Handle'. This will take you to their profile. Within their profile, look for the 'Message' button (upper right), and click-on that button. Again - from there, it is simply a matter of typing-in what you want to say (their name will already be inserted into the PM).


DO NOT use the 'Activity' window - That area has been restricted from view in most instances, as it is not private area.

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