FYI - Editing Your Threads & Posts

I have increased (bumped) the editing time to 'one week' on all posts that a member makes.  That means you have seven (7) days to edit, correct spelling, grammar, or change (correct?) information contained within your own post(s).

Unless you are a Moderator or Administrator, you cannot edit or remove any other members' posts. If you find a particular post that is offensive, off-topic, or obviously does not belong here - just use the 'Flag' (in the header at each post) to report it to our Moderators & Administrators.


  • Park_W
    Park_W Senior Contributor
    I'm not seeing an "edit" option on my post.  So, how to edit it?
  • Ol racer
    Ol racer Senior Contributor
    edited October 2014
    Move Mouse over to 'Right Top Corner' of your post, and a small 'Star' (gear?) will appear to the left of 'Quote' - click on it, and it will give you the Option to Edit....
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