Found in attic

I was having a general root around in my attic and came across a program for an Antique Auto Show in New York from 1948. Sort of thing you expect to find really :)

I've attached files showing the cover ; the only Hudson I could find which was from 1909 and the inside back cover which is the advert that covers the 39 years of Engineering "Firsts" for Hudson

Hope you enjoy looking at them!


  • DavidC
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    very nice, thanks Paul
  • railknight
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    Thanks for sharing, Paul.  I wonder where that 1909 Hudson is today? 

  • PaulButler
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    I get interested in chasing things down so I've decided to see if I can find some info on this. A short search turned up this ad in "The Putnam County Courier" from April 10th 1947 where a Don Elphin was asking for :

    "GARAGE SPACE  Where I can store and fix one or more old-time autos,vicinity Mahopac preferred. 
    Must have electricity available. 
    Don Ephlin,R.D. No. 2, Mahopac, N. Y."

    Looks as if he liked his old cars so I'm now going to dig a little deeper and see if I can find out more about Don and his Hudson!
  • Hello,

    I am new and I hope I am writing this post in the correct forum. If not please let me know.

    I recently bought a rare '48 1/16 scale demonstrator plastic model. It is red and maroon and in pretty good condition, except three of the four rubber whitewall tires are missing.

    Does anyone have a lead as to where I could find these tires? I would be willing to purchase a parts car model, if there is one. The tire and wheel are one piece, and there should be a grey hubcap with a red Hudson triangle logo on it, though it would be fine if the hubcaps were missing. The tires is the main thing.

    Thank you.

    My email is:
  • Jon B
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    I think you will get a better response if you start your own discussion, rather than add your request to this one (which is about the 1948 car show).  You should probably post your discussion either under the "Hudson" or the "Literature & Memorabilia" topic.
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