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I notice whenever I post a picture on the forum, it shows up "postage stamp" size.  When you click on to it to see detail it is WAY too large.   Doesn't the forum somehow magically resize to the correct size? If not what can I do?   I may be way over my head here--think I'll go back to work on my transmission...k


  • I resize all pics uploaded to the web to 640x480.

    That makes them just about the right size to display full size on a page.

    Some sites you can get away with 800x600.

    Most basic web site software requires add-on software to handle the different options for photos.

    You can use windows picture manager or a nice little free picture edit program is irfanview.

    You can google it or go to

  • Lee ODell
    Lee ODell Senior Contributor

    I don't recall this photo size being problem with the past forums. Now I only see the bottom left 1/3rd of photos. Lucky if I see a bumper and part of grill on a side view. I've tried to slide the photos around to see rest of photo but that doesn't work either. Forget trying to read a posted tec. bulletin. I hope this problem can be fixed.

    Other than that this is a great forum for sharing information and pictures have been an important part of that sharing.

    Thanks to all of you who work so hard solving problems to make both these forums possible to enjoy. I don't mean to sound complaining. I originally thought this was a problem with my computer but now I see others having the same problem. Again thank you for all the hard work..

    Lee O'Dell
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