Hudson Sales Brochure, Hudson Books and some Collectible Automobiles

1st, your forums and the ability to access are horrible. All i want to do is give away some Hudson literature and there are so many firewalls and blocks I almost gave up. I am still not sure how many interested people with actually see this ad.  I am a former member, and so I forgot my sign on. I was a member for 6 months. When I sold my Hudson, I asked to be removed from receiving the WTN. 

Now I come on to give my Hudson stuff away and whatever I entered I got kicked out. Sent at least 4 emails to my email address, and spent 20 minutes trying to sign in.  You guys need to make the forum VERY EASY to access not put up a firewall to keep people out. I was 5 minutes away from tossing my Hudson stuff or putting it in the kindling pile.

With that rant out of the way I am sure nobody is going to want to deal with me, but here goes.  These items are FREE but I ask that you CONSIDER covering postage and a nominal fee for the items, but if you don't, then that is OK.

My name and address:   BRYAN MORAN, 2823 ARNOLD RD, DES MOINES  IA  50310.   EMAIL:   NO PREPAYMENT.  I mail you the item(s), you send me money IF YOU want. 

HUDSON 1946-1957  The Classic Postwar Years  by Richard Langworth

Hemmings Hudson Book

Hudson - 1949 Full Line Sales Catalog/brochure  (original and nice)

Collectible Automobile - featuring the Step Down Hudsons (Hudson through 1956)


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    Sorry you struggled to sign back in; we do try to make life easy for people but sometimes it doesn't always work that way.

    I'm sure that there will be someone somewhere who would be interested in what you have
  • Just sent you a note. Thanks! Scott
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