What is this?


  • charles4d
    charles4d Expert Adviser
    Looks like a jaguar  with a some changes
  • SuperDave
    SuperDave Senior Contributor
    The rear cross member is out of a ford prior to 1949. So it had a transverse rear spring. The frame appears to be hand made from channel iron. I bet it had a flathead Ford V8  in it's early life. Soooo much rust..
  • Uncle Josh
    Uncle Josh Senior Contributor
    Maybe Wildrick knows something.  Isn't he in Shelbyville?
  • A large bumper car????
  • Fred
    Fred Expert Adviser
    Didn't Mercury div. of ford make a Meteor in Canada in the 40's and 50's?
  • charles4d
    charles4d Expert Adviser
    edited December 2016
    In the 60s i think
  • Well i went to bid and it had already gone over what i was going to pay.

    Started at $1 and ended at $3,545.00 NZD ($2548.87USD) 
    bit much for that much rust of unknown pedigree if you ask me.

  • 33kc1989
    33kc1989 Senior Contributor
    Strange but kinda cool.  Different
  • charles4d
    charles4d Expert Adviser
    I think the price of rust went up over seas last week
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