Hudson Roster need help accessing

I've misplaced my paper copy
Can I access the electronic copy?
If so how?
Thank you


  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator
    Are you a member of the club? If so go here : and you can download the latest copy
  • Paul
    I am a member.  When I go to the link & try to download I get a message "Link failure"
    Maybe I need to download some software first.
    I see the buy it now....Is that for a paper copy or the electronic one?  It would be helpful if some guidance was there to help the "computer challenged" like me.

    Thank you for your assistance
  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator
    Link failure normally occurs when the file you are looking for doesn't exist and , in this instance, I know it does :) Try clearing your browser cache as we have had few updates of the library of late that may confuse it. 

    The "Buy it now" is if you want the club to print you a paper copy and send it out; in this instance you'd be best placed to download it.

    If you still have a problem send me an email to (drop the HET) and I'll email you a copy.

    Your comments about guidance are taken on board as well and I am working on a "how do I do it" section for the website that will take people through various processes so keep your eyes peeled!