Need 40 Title

Have a Coupe that previous owner didn't sign his middle name and my state(ohio) will not accept.


  • Look it up. I believe it is Vermont that you can send papers to and money, and get a title for the car. Then you could take that to DMV in Ohio and get an Ohio title.
  • Jon B
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    Have you gone all the way up to the state Motor Vehicles Dept. with this problem, or had you dealt only with a lower-level (local) official? I would think that the folks up at the state capital must have had to deal with this sort of problem before, and there must be some work-around. If you're dealing locally, they're only "following the rules", don't want to stick out their necks to help you. The lack of a middle name seems strange grounds for denying a transfer of ownership.

    In many states there are ways to title a car that is title-less. For instance, I once liberated an old Studebaker with "no papers" from a junkyard in Indiana. A State Policeman came out to the house and took a rubbing of the car's serial number plate and I was finally granted a title.

    Was the owner's address given on the previous title? Did you check around in the town of his residence (at the P.O., police dept., town offices) to see if anyone recalls the fellow and knows what became of him?

  • Ohio is almost impossible to get one. They do not honor title services, and other types of service. I have had luck with a Georgia bill of sale. They do accept them. But I quit buying cars without title here in Ohio.
  • Go to the county Clerk of Courts Title Office. They are really the only ones that have say over this predicament. Ohio does not recognize Broadway title or any other titling service. They also do not allow for surety bonds on a car. In short they are a PIA.
  • charles4d
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    Try to get a Mechanic lien  google it to understand  how it works