How to remove 51 Hudson windshield wiper arms

My wiper arms are the push on type.

There appears to be a clip that either needs to be pushed in or pryed out

I don't know the proper method & don't want to do any damage.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • OK. First get a tack puller. Put the tack puller on the wiper arm side that faces the tire. That is, put it on the back side the arm. Next GENTLY pry up on the tack puller as you GENTLY lift the arm on the blade side as well. Rock this back and forth it should come off. The knob on which the wiper arm is attached is knurled and thus holds on very tightly to the arm so you have to be a bit careful but it will come off. Good luck.
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    I wonder if the 1950 arm looks like this, on the underside? (Click on link to see photo.) If the Hudson arm does resemble this, then there is a knurled fitting (attached to the shaft of the wiper) onto which this end of the wiper arm fits. When the arm is pushed down tightly over the knurled fitting, a small spring clip on the underside of the arm -- circled in red -- snaps in place under the knurled fitting -- preventing the arm from being lifted off the knurled fitting. To remove the arm you need to get a small tool of some sort under the arm, engage the spring clip and temporarily pull it away from the knurled fitting, so that the arm can now be lifted.
  • Thanks guys for the replies

    The photo that Jon B attached is the exact wiper arm that I have.

    It'll be easy now, thanks again
  • i need to move the wiper arms on my '53 hudson hornet

    - from the manual "2. Remove wiper arms and blades. The wiper arms are retained on the burred bushings by a spring clip which is released by pulling the arm up and away from the windshield."

    i know this is an older thread, but any info on whether a tool was needed to release the spring clip or if no tool was needed (per the manual) would be most appreciated!


  • There is a special tool for that.

    You could probably make one!

    Ivan L.