How to get the little picture at the start of your post

I'm hardly an old-timer over here, but I've been here a few years and at the rate that I'm restoring my car I'll be asking questions a few more years so I think it's time I get one of those picture "badges" at the start of my posts. I've looked around the tutorials and forum directions but don't see how this is obtained. Any help?


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    1. At the upper left corner of the page you should see your username in blue. Below your username are four symbols. Click on the right-most one (a sort of sunburst).

    2. In the box that opens up, click on EDIT PROFILE

    3. Now you see your profile listed. At the left are six "blue" options. Click on CHANGE MY PICTURE.

    4. Click on CHANGE PICTURE in the large dialog box. This opens a file menu of your computer. Find, and select, the photo you wish to become your new avatar. Click OPEN at the bottom of the file dialog box. I believe that's all there is to it.
  • Thanks, Jon.

    I can almost see it! Lol