1939 Hudson

This is the inner fender's shelf to hold the battery.  Had a louver die that was close enough, remade the rusted out panel and welded it in to the inner fender.


  • Val
    Val Member
    edited April 2019
    Nice work! I should have that done to mine. I have no issue but I think would keep the battery cool in the summer 
  • hudsonsplasher1
    hudsonsplasher1 Senior Contributor
    Beautiful work.
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    Amazing work my friend!
  • RL Chilton
    RL Chilton Administrator, Member
    That's some great work, Guy, like always.  
  • bent metal
    bent metal Senior Contributor
     Glad you guys are diggin it.  :)
  • bent metal
    bent metal Senior Contributor
    How do you think I punched those little hexagon holes?  Why did they even make the holes hexagon in the first place?  Anyone know?
  • I didn't notice those holes were hex shaped... How DID you do that?
  • bent metal
    bent metal Senior Contributor
    I don't know why they were there, but I made it like it was, with hexagon holes.  Punched a small hole and hand filed them out to shape.