Step down convertible

I've done some different pieces for projects.  I don't always do an entire assembly.  Maybe someone is missing a part, or needs a piece that is rusted out re-made.  This was a part of the top mechanism for a step down convertible.  Maybe over top of the door.  ...hmm, can't imagine all of these holes get used.  But what do I know.  Just put um' in the way they were, no water jet or laser, all hand punched holes and cut-outs.


  • RL Chilton
    RL Chilton Administrator, Member
    This was the piece I had bent metal make for Scarlett, my convertible.  His reproduced piece was an exact match and fit like a glove, including all holes matching to the tightest tolerances.  I was a stickler for getting this right and bent metal was the right man for the job.  Don't hesitate to contact him for any reproduced manufacturing that you require.  Highly recommended.   
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    Man you do beautiful work.  It’s really something to see!  
  • hudsonsplasher1
    hudsonsplasher1 Senior Contributor
    Nice work, very clever.

  • Ol racer
    Ol racer Senior Contributor

    Very Nice workmanship...