1954 Super Wasp idle speed

Since I've got the car I have observed something with the engine's idle speed.

The idle speed is fine when the auto transmission is geared to either Drive, Low, Neutral and Reverse, but seems to be a bit higher when geared on Park. I wonder if this higher idle speed can be a cause for the trans. front seal (between the torque converter and the transmission) to leak. If so, what do I need to adjust the idle speed to prevent such problem . Any thoughts are welcome.

The engine is a 262 Twin-H and I think the carbs are WA-1 (correct me if I'm wrong).

Thanks in advance, 



  • most idle speeds will be higher in neutral and park since there is no load applied, idle should drop when in gear. If your front seal is leaking, its either a bad seal or bad contact area that the seal face is against.