How often do you add clutch oil?

I got the 51 Hornet going a couple months ago, and have put about 1500 miles on it. This morning, after sitting a few days, it acted like the clutch was sticking, then it freed up, and drove as normal.

When I got home after running some errands, I jacked the car up and drained the clutch, I only got about an ounce of oil (ATF) out of it. I'm pretty sure I filled it with at least 5 ounces, when I first got the car.

Maybe that's why there's so much oil all over the bellhousing? No evidence of it on the flywheel, but then, the flywheel spins pretty fast.

Anyways, do I really need to check it every few hundred miles?


  • Per
    Per Member
    Since the clutch was working properly when it had enough ATF, I suggest just adding some occasionally.  

    On my 1949 Hudson that has made two cross-country trips in recent years, I added four ounces every 1000 miles during the trips.  Mine leaks out through the throwout bearing.
  • Did you notice a change in clutch feel when it gets low?
  • Per
    Per Member
    Yes, it chatters a little bit.  When close to full, it is smooth.
  • interesting, I think mine got more chattering pretty early on in that 1500 miles. I'll see how it does full, and probably use feel to let me know when it's time to juice it up again.

  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    Keep in mind that to much will make it slip.
    It's possible the disc was dried out from setting when you got it and the fluid you added got soaked up..
    If it sets for long periods , it's best to prop the clutch pedal to the floor with a broom handle or such.
  • Good points. Thanks

  • The first clutch oil change I did after installing a new cork clutch barely drained any used oil. The cork had soaked it up. Later oil changes released the few expected ounces.
  • I put a couple hundred more miles on the car, and drained the 3.5 ounces of the original 5.5 ounces I had put in.  So, about an ounce every hundred miles. I guess I'll be adding engine oil and clutch oil at about the same mile intervals.