1951 Hornet 308 First start and first run

So, last night, I did a thing!  The first start was about 2 months ago, but last night, I got my 1951 Hornet's 308 to run!!!

I'll create a couple of posts for the individual systems, but I wanted to brag a little!  It feels so good to have it running by itself.

Wiring is a mess, but will be fixed.  Right now it just has a starting and charging circuit setup.  The rest of the car is disconnected.  And the fuel system...well I don't have a tank, so it is running out of a gas can.  

First start (April 2019):

First Run (August 2019):


And just for good measure, the horns work!  LOL


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    Great!  Need to get you hooked up with other HET members in Houston!