Wanted: Parts or patterns for 1932 Essex Convertible.

I am looking for parts or patterns for a 1932 Essex convertible top and seat. I have the front header and most of the side pieces. I am missing the rear side pieces with the latches that lock the top into place and the bows. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a few 32 parts I would be willing to trade including a pair of side mount buckets if anyone would like to convert their car to dual side mounts. 


  • Is yours the Super Six or the Terraplane?
  • Mine is an early 32 Essex super six.
  • A 1932 Essex Super Six convertible has to be one of one left. I dont believe it shares any body parts with the 32 Terraplane. Hudson probably the same, but they are also nearly non-existent. Not sure who owns the black/orange 32 convertible? That would be closest to yours. Can you  share a pic or two, I've never seen a '32 Essex convertible! 
  • Actually there is one owned by Clem Lange that was an export model (serial number 28). There is a third that was for sale on E-Bay several years ago that was turned into a street rod. The owner purchased the body only and did not have enough to restore the car.  Mine is serial number 49. The top assembly according to what I see in your pictures and the parts book I have are the same with the exception of one of the top bows. The 32 Hudson pictured is a Murphy body.I spoke with the owner just a few weeks ago, but like many people with restored cars he is reluctant to even make templates of parts. He purchased the car restored. I attached photos showing the side pieces I have. I do have a new header. I will add some more photos when I pull the car out and can get some good shots.
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    Suggest contact/reach out to 33 Terraplane convert.  owners.  I know there are some under construction.  They may be able to help.  Those top irons look identical to the ones on my convertible. I would be glad to help if you get no response from others.  Mine is all together and has top installed but I could measure and take pictures  of what I have. 
  • Thank you for the replies. I made contact yesterday with the owner of a 33T8 who had a top made. I am waiting for a reply back from the company that made it and will post the information here.
  • Is your '32 Essex Super Six a convertible coupe with roll up windows?  Also, the Essex body was different than the Terraplane body, so I'll bet the top pieces may be shaped differently or a different size,but maybe you could modify to fit if necessary. 
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    So in researching wooden top bows for my Holden body 28 Essex I discovered there were only 3 or 4 top manufacturers.  By that I mean only 3 or 4 independent suppliers of tops and bows to the industry.  So while there were many different tops most of the parts can be interchanged with slight modification.  (specifically length of support pieces).  What I am getting to is measure the bows and check the model A and model T parts suppliers.  I found the 54 inch wide bows for the model T were identical in shape and size to the 28 Essex.  I did need to trim down the ends to fit into the supports.  The ends can long and had to be tapered and cut down.  Got all four for $100.  At that price I can mess up a few.


  • My 32 is the coupe with roll up windows. From what I have found in an early parts book, most of the tops are the same. I have attached a page from the book showing the parts and their application.The company I am currently waiting for a response from does in fact make tops for Fords and Chevys.
  • Adding confusion to the interchange is the fact Hudson had both "E"  and "T" models in '32 and '33,  not abbreviations for "Essex" and "Terraplane"....
  • If you are waiting to here back from LeBaron-Bonney They filed for Bankruptsy last spring.
  • The model "T" designation for 32 is for a Hudson standard model. For 33 "T" is standard and "E" is Hudson Super Six.

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    That shows that the 32 Essex top is a combo of 32-33 Hudson and early Terraplane K interchange. Very strange,and these are the rarest hudsons in existence!