Terraplane models

dholck Expert Adviser
I'm sure we've done this before - but - can someone suggest a good resource for information on the various Terraplane models?  I have a 1934 Terraplane K coupe ("Special") and I know about the KU ("Major"/deluxe with long wheelbase) and the KS ("Challenger"/'trimmed down economy model/no vent quarter windows).
I just got the new HET roster and of course looked for the 34T coupes.  I see four 1934 K Special coupes listed, as well as the Challenger KS coupes, and the 34 KUs (no KU coupes in the club, apparently).  But I also see listed an "RS coupe" - presumably meaning a K coupe with rumble seat), and a 1934 "Standard 6 K" coupe (apparently listed under the engine number 71329) - both of those should have just been listed as 34T K coupes, right?  Then another 5 coupes listed just under "1934 Terraplane" - presumably because people are unfamiliar with the models. Also 2 cars with just serial numbers under "1934 Terraplane."  Seems like we could clean this up for 1934, and no doubt other years, with a little more information. 
Tell me if I'm wrong; if you have a 1934 Terraplane coupe, measure the wheelbase and if it is 116", then you have a KU Major (deluxe); if it is 112" wheelbase and has side vent quarter windows, then you have a K Special; no vent windows, then it is a KS Challenger.  There were only the 3 models, right?