46 Pickup Drum Backing Plate Bolts & Torque

Some of the bolts that hold the backing plates to the rear axle were stripped when I took them off to clean and paint them. The bolts are 3/8-24 and they have part of the hex head cut off and the head is a bit thicker than the other bolts I have seen. Below is a picture of the one I created from a grade 8 bolt and the original.

  1. Does anyone know where to get these bolts or ones that would work? I found some for jeep that look similar, but couldn't find info on their size/tpi.

  2. Could I just cut off a small portion of a grade 8 bolt head and use that? Or would that cause potential strength issues with the bolt? Also wondering if the smaller depth head would be an issue?

  3. And lastly, should these be torqued to a specification? I could not find anything in the mechanical procedures manuals I have.