On my android phone now and i have the 'gear' showing to edit EVERY post.
Works also; i edited someone else's but did not hit 'save' !!!!###
Haven't checked the computer. 


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    So, you're saying that you have the power to edit any posting in the Open Forum, yet you are not a moderator?

    If so, thanks for letting us know.  We'll need to get that remedied!
  • 46HudsonPU
    46HudsonPU Administrator
    Hi folks!  Think I have resolved the issue (knock on wood).
  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator
    What was it Rick? Started to look and then saw your post
  • RichardD
    RichardD Member
    edited July 2020
    That is why I sent a screen shot showing the 'edit gears'; really unbelievable !!!! 
    Knew if I didn't, no one would believe me !!!
    You can delete this post when you have it fixed of course.
  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator
    This is why I ask for volunteers to help after an update Richard. This "funny" has been added to the list of things to check after an update.

    Thanks to Rick for spotting and sorting it :)
  • ...and thanks to RichardD for not editing any of my very editable posts!