Disc brake conversion 2Dr, 1940

Have heard from Bill Labud and the conversion kit. Threads are old, is Mr Labud stiil in business? And have someone an email adress from Mr Labud?


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    Scarebird Classic Brakes has what you need.    scarebird.com
  • @Ol racer are you shure?, i wrote scarebird and ask fits this on my car. Answer: i dont know. Have you experience with a 1940 and scarebird part?
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    I believe that pre stepdowns will need a spindle spacer, but some here may know how that works.  ABS also sells a kit.  I have one and it fits stepdowns and jets and is well done.  http://abspowerbrake.com/maincatalog_frameset032.html
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    A lot of us have put larger 11" x 2 1/4" front Hudson brakes from newer Hornet & Commodore (Backing plates, lining, and Drums) on older 1937 to 1947 Hudson's to improve stopping ability. Everything is interchangeable except a bearing from the '40 needs to be inserted in the later hub, with an 1/8" spacer washer, but none of this apply's to your install except know the Spindle Bolt Pattern from the '40 is the same as Scarebird newer '48 -'54 Hudson Listings.

     That said, I don't see why the Scarebird bracket Kit cant be installed on your spindle since uses your '40 Hubs & bearings. Just follow their instruction for Rotor, Calipers, etc.

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    If you do it let us know if it works or not 
    It would be helpful for other people  
  • ok have the front axle apart and ordered the parts from scarebird. If i have i will report about fit or don‘t fit at a standard 1940 hudson
  • Disc brake back from machine shop. Fits perfect. Now waiting for part from Scarebird to complete the axle
  • LaBud  NLA  I have his system on my '53 front. You might be interested in power brakes after the disks. Here is the way I did mine. Of course I do not know if applicable to your original underfloor system or if frame is deep enough. Only install if you have seat belts.
    >>  https://goo.gl/photos/QEtE7t64Ebs53teC8 
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    I just installed the Scarebird brake system on my 1949 Super Six.  I already have the Faust setup on my 1948 Commodore.  The only problem I had was finding the recommended left caliper for a 1990 Chevy Celebrity.  The calipers fit better on the Scarebird as it wasn't necessary to grind the top of the calipers down in order for the wheel to fit.  I haven't tested them yet, but I have high expectations...

  • RichardD said:
     Only install if you have seat belt.

    Whats the reason. Brakes are too good for no sest belts?

    Thanks for your pics about PB. Will take a power booster underfloor to hold the original pedal

  • Scarebird Parts fits also on a 1940 Hudson. Only thing what i have to bent for approx. 5mm downwards is the steering arm.
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    Looks great 5mm not to bad for better brakes
    Thanks for the update
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    I wonder about how thin the mounting plate is compared to OEM caliper brackets which always seem very substantial by comparison. Why is this? One reason I can think of is that if over time one caliper piston seized or had less effect due to an air bubble the force from the opposing piston would bend the mounting plate.
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    Looks real good. Be sure to add seat belts too
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    What size was the brake hose the length 
  • If i connect the hose i will report

  • I have only one piston. If you see the mechanical movement inside then the brake cant bent the mounting plate because the disc is between the brake pads. If the piston under pressure the outside pad comes with mechanical movement to the outside of the disc. Its a swimming caliper. Only important are the screws that hold the caliper on the plate.

  • Why use backing plate? Would run cooler? 

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    Im guessing to keep the mud and dirt or water from getting on the rotor  and cause a problem  stopping ????
  • Can anyone tell me what rotors are used on the La Bud kit?


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    48 85802

    48 85803 Napa number

    I think they are lincoln rear rotors hope this helps

  • Thanks does look a little different as mine has three holes for mounting hub to rotor this one has two.