Posting Pics

Kenny Perkins sent me a pic of his '29 Standard Sedan to post to the HSSL

(Hudson Super Six List) home page. Unfortunately it was in some bizarre

format and weighed in at 1 megabyte, far too big for easy use.

For Kenny and anyone else that has pictures to share, posting them to the

HSSL home page couldn't be easier. First, scan them as a jpg or jpeg file.

Then, go to the list home page, click on the "Files" hyperlink on the left

side and look over the folders. You make select one of the folders there, or

if you think you have a wholly new topic create one of your own.

In most cases, you will just select one of the existing folders, open it

and load your photos. If we start to get a lot (gee, I sure hope so), maybe

each of us should create a new folder for out material inside one of the

existing ones. For example, I am going to post a few pics of my '29 Town

Sedan, so I'll create a new folder for it inside the existing Members Cars

folder. That ought to keep it nice and tidy.

Tom has a couple of photos of his '28 up on a geocities site. Any chance

of getting a few like that on our site Tom? Is that crankcase polished? It

almost looked like it!

Paul O'Neil,

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