I thought I had posted this already but it did not come up on the

list, so I am assuming I screwed up somewhere.

(1) Thanks to everybody who responded with advice, information and

comments on the carburetor now installed on my '28 SuperSix. I

continue to have difficulty with the carburetor I have. Car starts

fine, runs about 15 sec and either starves or floods..I think floods

as the vacuum tank seems to be pumping OK. I am going to take it off

and change it from an assembly to the smallest parts practical and re-

assemple to see if it persists in the unfriendly action.

(2) As Paul suggested, I posted a bunch of pictures of the car and

yes, the oil pan and valve cover are polished.

(3) One of my major difficulties is getting the beast registered in

Colorado. The car came from Canada and has never been registered in

USA and CO wants everything imaginable including a 2X

appraisal "bond" to get the sucker licensed. Any suggestions

regarding acceptable workarounds will be appreciated.

(4) I am new to car collecting/restoring. Facing the prospect of

retirement in a year or so and think this might be "it". My goal is

to get the car in good enough mechanical shape to drive to the top of

Pikes Peak (close to Colorado Springs) before I move back to Dallas

in a year or so. Is this totally impractical?

Thanks again and I apologize for running on with this timeless prose

(read "drivel").

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