New Pics Up

I posted a few photos from the big HCCA run last December in Pasadena, CA

to our Files section. Go to the Members Cars folder, open it and there is

another folder titled 1929 Town Sedan.

I also posted a pic of Jay Leno in his superb Randy Ema restored 1919

Stutz Bearcat. Jay is having a chat with my buddy Horace Cortez from the

Roaring Twenties Club.

Also included from the same event are 4 pics of a 1919 Speedster. Hudson

built a cut down Touring, suitable for 4 passengers and this is what they

meant by the term "Speedster." The fellow that owns it lives right here in

SoCal, but his name slips my mind just now. Kenny, he is a member of the

SoCal chapter, can you put a name to the car? Better than that, run a notice

about this list in your newsletter so he can come onboard himself!

Just as a side note, I have driven this 1929 Town Sedan more than 7000

miles in the last 6 years and have been steadily working on it the whole

time. I often take photos, but almost always of other people's cars. Even

these photos posted here were not specifically of the Hudson. I was far more

intrigued with the 1927 Stutz Black Hawk that chanced to alight next to it!

Paul O'Neil,

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1926 Hudson Anderson Bodied Coupe

1926 Hudson Parts Car "The Grapes Of Wrath"

1928 Hudson Roadster Project

1929 Hudson Town Sedan

1939 Cadillac Coupe (How'd that get in there?)

Fullerton, California USA

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