vacuum tank "pumping"

Tom - a vac. tank doesn't pump, it simply pulls up gas from the gas

tank by vacuum. Has someone put an elec. fuel pump in your gas line?

If so, that can cause flooding.

The vac. tank supplies the carb. strictly by gravity feed - if you

have an elec. fuel pump in the system, it should be clear back by the

gas tank & will req. a pressure regulator valve as vac. tank gaskets

won't be able to hold the pressure = flooding & leaking.

I have at least 1 spare '29 Hudson Calif. "pink slip"; perhaps

someone like John Soneff in Denver might have a spare Colo.

equivalent he would give or sell you for your '28.

Be devious - how would Colo. DMV know you brought the car from Canada

unless you tell them? Tell them you lost the paperwork, or inherited

it from your uncle & he lost it, or whatever, LOL. Pete
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