Re: [HSS] Rear Hub Puller


Wouldn't it be just as easy to jack the car on

a floor jack on the opposite side of the car from

the wheel you want to remove - then use a

come-along to pull the car sideways??????

Alex Burr

--- Jeffery Gould <JEFFERYGOULD@AOL.COM> wrote:
> There has been a local debate about the lack of

> pullers in the area

> for the rear hubs (breakdrums) for the 1928 and

> older Hudsons. My

> neighbor came up with a very unusal puller. You

> pull the nut off the

> end of the axel, screw the puller on, jack up

> the other side of the

> car, then strike the end of the puller with a

> sludge hammer. The

> impact drives the car sideways, but the weight

> of the car on the

> wheel you are removing keeps the wheel from

> moving and the axel moves

> with the car out of the hub. I tried it on my

> 28 and it actually

> worked. He is going to have one made for me. If

> anyone else is

> interested, let me know and I will contact him.

> Jeff




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