Toms Pics

Tom posted some pics of his very clean '28 Standard Sedan. Gee, Tom what

lovely white sand, do you live near the beach? See the Files section under

members cars to look it over. How much of this car is original and how much

is restored?

A week or so ago, Tom had a few questions about his '28 Standard Sedan:

<< One of my major difficulties is getting the beast registered in

Colorado. The car came from Canada and has never been registered in

USA and CO wants everything imaginable including a 2X

appraisal "bond" to get the sucker licensed. Any suggestions

regarding acceptable workarounds will be appreciated. >>

I am on a list like this one devoted to old Chevy Trucks and paperwork

has often been a topic. There have been lots of "creative" solutions to this

problem and they are going to vary State to State. I just fought a protracted

battle with the California DMV over a '51 Chevy truck and emerged bent,

battered and poorer but victorious at the end of the ordeal. Let me just

agree with other voices on this list that while Truth is certainly a Virtue

in our workaday lives, dealing with government authorities is no place to

harbor scruples. I would get in touch with local motorheads and get some

advice on the best stories to use in your area and spread Clintonian Truth as

thickly as required. Alternatively, look in publications like Hemmings for

companies that specialize in Title Services. They specialize in these sticky

situations and can really save you some time.

<< I am new to car collecting/restoring. Facing the prospect of

retirement in a year or so and think this might be "it". My goal is

to get the car in good enough mechanical shape to drive to the top of

Pikes Peak (close to Colorado Springs) before I move back to Dallas

in a year or so. Is this totally impractical? >>

I think you choose well in buying a Super Six. These were very powerful

cars in their time and they won many races and hill climbs. Pikes Peak should

be duck soup for any good running Super Six. If I had any worry at all it

would be brakes. The three shoe Bendix brakes may need some careful work to

be used a lot. It may even be possible that the Hudson will climb the hill at

a faster speed than it is safe to descend due to having to gear down to help

the brakes.

The carbie problems seem to be pretty common. My own '29 has never run

smoothly in certain rev/load areas, especially in the mid range. Jack Smith

(204) 523-8710 in Manitoba can repair them as he has done many times before.

Geoff Clark in NZ also knows how to make them hum. Incidentally, Jack likes

the Carter BB1 sold as an aftermarket replacement for the OEM air valve

Marvel. These carbies are sturdy cast iron and require a special adapter to

fit them to the Super Six induction system.

Hudson used the Marvel Air Valve on Super Sixes for three years, '27, '28

& '29 and by at least one account, on the very last of the '26 flatheads. I

have never heard any surviving examples of the later. The last year Marvel

switched to pot metal for some of the principal castings meaning that those

of us with '29s are motoring on borrowed time. I would suspect that some of

the cast iron Zeniths ought to work pretty well on our old Hudsons and some

years ago I bought one at a swap just to give it a whirl. One of these days!

Paul O'Neil,

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