Re: [HSS] 1928 Brake Question

I don't recall a pin. Seems to me the whole thing just stayed in place with

the help of that spring. There's a lot of wear on the frame end of that

spindle, and even more wear internally with that cam/collar assembly. It's

really a lousy design.

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From: Jeffery Gould <JEFFERYGOULD@AOL.COM>

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Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 6:44 PM

Subject: [HSS] 1928 Brake Question

>I have a question for anyone who has ever worked on the brakes of a

>1927 or 1928 Hudson. I am reassembling the brakes on my 28 and hit a

>snag. There is an arm from the frame to the backing plate that the

>brake rod pivots to work the brakeshoes. This arm has a trunion(?)on

>the backing plate side that inserts into a cup that bolts to the

>backing plate. My question is, is the trunion pressed into the cup or

>is there a pin or something that connects it to the cup? If anyone

>knows, please let me know. Thanks, Jeff.




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