Those Racers Again.......

The photos of the Red Lion Special are great - almost like being

there! I notice that the chassis has been shortened in two places,

and I'm wondering whether the cut above the rear axle is to change

the springing for a particular reason? Looks like the spring itself

would have to be shorter (does this mean the front hanger is moved?)

and that might make it easier to stiffen the springs. Is the

"underslung" effect(photos 012_13a and 009_16a) standard S6 or was

the spring normally above the axle?

More on brakes: Can anyone tell me about the progression from

external contracting 2-wheel brakes? Was there a period of internal

expanding 2-wheel before the change to 4-wheel brakes for 1927?

Wheel/tire sizes: Any idea what size were/are the wheels/tires on

the Red Lion Special? According to the Standard Catalog (what a

book!!) the tire size around 1919 was 34 x 4.5 - what does that

translate to today? 25" x 4.5"? How do I discuss a 34" rim with a

tire supplier?

All comments appreciated.

Thanks.................Peter R.
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