Stewart Vacuum Fuel "System"

With due apologies to Pete, I have now determined that the vacuum

tank on my '28 neither pumps, sucks, draws, lifts nor pulls fuel from

my gas tank, subsequently delivering it to the carburetor. I read

"somewhere" about "someone" who rebuilds these marvels of 20th

Century technology. Can or will someone please let me know who this

was/is ? Mine is a Stewart Model M-110 as I remember.

To try to anticipate questions about vacuum tightness: I think that

it is relatively leak-free. The problem "seems" to be that the fuel

is just not released from the second chamber to the carburetor when

the engine is running.

If I break the vacuum to the tank, the engine will run until the tank

is completely dry. With vacuum, the engine dies after the bowlful in

the carburetor is gone. What I originally thought was a carburetor

problem seems to be in the vacuum tank. I do not have any

information about the innards of the tank but I think I kind of

understand in general how it works. If anyone has technical info, I

would appreciate it muchly.

I bet this info is in the '28 Shop Manual cunningly hidden somewhere

in the Bermuda Triangle, huh?

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