Re: [HSS] Stewart Vacuum Fuel "System"

Tom Goodman. Have read your discreption of how your 29 runs with the

vacuum, tank hooked up and have several thoughts. First of all, my 29 has

been running on the vacuum tank since day one with only one problem some

time ago. In my case, the little float had a leak and filled with gas then

allowed the tank to keep sucking until it started sending gas through the

line from the intake manifold. Another problem you may be having is that

your tank is not venting to atmosphere thereby allowing the gas to drop from

the inner tank to the outer tank and then the carb.

I believe I have some literature on how to repair and make these tanks work.

If I can find it I will send you a copy if I had your address. Don't find

it in the latest HET roster so will need some info from you. Drop me a line

either on e-mail or at my address in the back page of the WTN under 29

roster maintenance. Pete Welzbacker

>From: "Tom Goodman" <>


>Subject: [HSS] Stewart Vacuum Fuel "System"

>Date: Mon, May 15, 2000, 7:41 AM


> With due apologies to Pete, I have now determined that the vacuum

> tank on my '28 neither pumps, sucks, draws, lifts nor pulls fuel from

> my gas tank, subsequently delivering it to the carburetor. I read

> "somewhere" about "someone" who rebuilds these marvels of 20th

> Century technology. Can or will someone please let me know who this

> was/is ? Mine is a Stewart Model M-110 as I remember.


> To try to anticipate questions about vacuum tightness: I think that

> it is relatively leak-free. The problem "seems" to be that the fuel

> is just not released from the second chamber to the carburetor when

> the engine is running.


> If I break the vacuum to the tank, the engine will run until the tank

> is completely dry. With vacuum, the engine dies after the bowlful in

> the carburetor is gone. What I originally thought was a carburetor

> problem seems to be in the vacuum tank. I do not have any

> information about the innards of the tank but I think I kind of

> understand in general how it works. If anyone has technical info, I

> would appreciate it muchly.


> I bet this info is in the '28 Shop Manual cunningly hidden somewhere

> in the Bermuda Triangle, huh?


> Tom



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