The Vacuum Tank

To: Pete Welzbacker and others:

Thanks for your responses. I have not yet received my WTN but I only

joined a couple of weeks ago. Anyhow, the e mail address in HET club

members' e mail list (online version) does not work for you, Pete.

The first letter in the truncated e mail address that comes up in

here was different from the old one for you so I can surmise that you

have changed ISPs. Anyhow, I will post my address below and will

greatly appreciate any information you can copy and send me.

I am sure that the float is OK, the flipper and springs seem OK, I

think the thing is vacuum tight but I do have suspicion about either

the valving (2 of them) controlled by the flipper and the almost

necessary check valve that MUST exist between the top compartment of

the tank and the bottom part to prevent sucking the feed line from

tank to carburetor dry. My guess is that the check valve is not

working (assuming there is a check valve) OR that the vent valve

operated by the flipper is not working correctly. The vacuum valve

operated by the flipper seems to be OK but I have not 100% figured

out the purpose of the other valve that seems to vent the top chamber

either to the atmosphere or to the lower/outer tank. A blowup would

be useful.

My address at work is:

Tom Goodman

c/o ILSI

4750 Edison Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO 80915

my e mail is tgood70779 @ A O L. com (leave out the extra spaces)

Thanks for your response and advice...Also thanks to the others of

you who responded. If I could ever lay my hands on some service

information (planning a trip to the Bermuda Triangle soon), I might

not have to ask such stupid questions.

Tom Goodman
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