Thanks to you all..RE: Vacuum Tank

Thanks to Bill, Pete, Lewis, Chris, Alex and anyone else I am

forgetting for all the good info on the Vacuum Tank.

Bill, your description of how it works was right in line with what I

had surmised. The "flapper valve" between the top and bottom tank is

what I suspect is my problem. The info about being able to take the

inner tank out (I forgot who told me that first) will be a key to

finding out the problem. Being, regrettably and gainfully employed,

I have not had a chance to test out this new found knowledge, though.

Chris, thanks for posting the info for me. Unfortunately, I cannot

get past 39% downloading it at home. I will try at work tomorrow

where I have a DSL line and a lot faster transfer rate.

Lewis, I do appreciate your going to the trouble of copying and

sending me the information you have. I look forward to receiving it.

I did notice an ad in the WTN that I got today for someone in

Colorado Springs (where I am) who has a bunch of stuff for sale.

Perhaps there is someone with whom I can network here, too. I have a

rusty old head and clutch pressure plate supposedly for a '28 and I

think I can get my hands on a steering column, as well, if anyone is

in need.

Thanks again and hopefully when I manage to assemble some literature,

I can figure out these things for myself.

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