Re: [HSS] Pistons

Geoff... Just a short note on your piston delema. Somewhere in the back of

my mind, someone told me of using Fort 6 Cylinder pistons in the earlier

Hudsons. You might want to check them out. Pete.

>From: "Geoff Clark" <>


>Subject: [HSS] Pistons

>Date: Mon, May 22, 2000, 2:38 PM


> Re getting parts from Clifford, Jack does not have any early parts,

> but will buy them in and forward them on, so you are better off

> getting them direct from source. My experience is that he first of

> all bills your Credit Card, then sets about finding the stuff you

> need, and has sent me the wrong parts at times, which is difficult

> here in N.Z., as arimail rates make it uneconomic to return. So

> be aware of what can happen. His specialty is speed equipment, and

> he can be very scathing of the earlier splasher motors.

> Geoff Clark.



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> Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.

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