Re: [HSS] OK...Next project

I'm enjoying your adventures! I dismantled my first vac tank almost 40 years

ago and they've held no fears for me since. Your problems baffled me but the

epoxied inner chamber explained it all. I have some quite intelligent friends

who solve all fuel supply problems by installing electric pumps. They regard

vac tanks as a no-go zone!

Good luck with the radiator ornament..........

Peter R.

"Tom Goodman" <> on 25/05/2000 11:24:03

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Subject: [HSS] OK...Next project

After the triumph over the Vacuum Tank, I felt like tearing into my

radiator ornament. Result: I think I can have the "winged fellow"

(broken and so-so repaired) recast in bronze and I can manage to get

it nickel plated but what I really, really need is the screw base

that holds it on the radiator. The potmetal ring covering the brass

threaded part has been broken into about 5 pieces and epoxied back on

to the base. If I could find the base with ring in good shape and

either have the man recast or find another one, I would be almost

ecstatic. Does anybody know of a good base anywhere (or even a

complete assembly in good shape)?

Thanks for reading this drivel.



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