Radiator Mascot -- etc.

Presently, I am beating the bushes for a suitable place to have a

bronze lost wax casting made of the 'radiator guy'. I have a pretty

good exemplar from which to make a mold from which to produce wax

models from which to make bronze castings. This will take some time,

though and I am interested in the reproduction in stainless from Mr.

Sommers. What I really, really need is a replacement for the trim

ring that goes over the brass radiator screwcap since mine has been

reduced from a whole and healthy ring to a loose assemblage of "parts

of ring". That potmetal just doesn't hold up well to repeated prying

with a screwdriver. I think that it will take a couple of months

before I can finally tie down the lost wax guy but, meanwhile, I am

interested in finding out more about the other repro that is

currently available. Does anyone remember the price? and how does

one get hold of Mr. Sommers?

Speaking of potmetal, I am happy to report that repairs to the

dreaded Marvel "E" carburetor on my '28 Hudson have been effected and

the car now runs just fine. I found a whole carburetor at "Rays

House O' Cars" (or something like that) in Rhode Island. I will now

take Geoff's advice and make another cover (it was broken) of 1/8"

brass and then there will be a spare.

The Stewart vacuum tank is purring along, sucking and drawing gas

from the tank and delivering it to the good ol' Marvel. Thanks to

all of you who encouraged me and lent a hand with drawings, advice

and priceless wisdom. Being something of a Luddite, I did not want

to resort to a new-fangled 'lectric pump anyhow.

One more time: I am just about willing to go anywhere and make a

copy of an existing Shop/Service manual for my '28. Knowledge shared

is not lost.

Thanks for putting up with me.

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