Problem du Jour

Well guys, I thought I had my "grease fitting" problem solved by

purchasing an "Alemite" grease gun off of e bay but as perversity

would have it, the thing won't fit my fittings. I have posted two

pictures in the "files" section of one of the fittings (under the

Parts section). Now, I always thought this was an "Alemite" (as

opposed to a "zerk") but I guess I don't know my grease fittings very

well. What the heck is it and where the heck can I find a grease gun

to fit the sucker??? It is, in diameter, about 5/16" (estimate) and

has a spring-loaded ball seal at the end (shown). The pins on the

side are pretty hefty and appear to be what holds the end of the

grease gun and the fitting together during the greasing process (note

that I would normally pronounce that "greez' ing" but I can

understand that some would not).


Tom Goodman
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