A few questions...

Hi everyone,

It has fallen to me to get my wife's 1928 SuperSix on the road, and I too

have felt unfamiliar with the 20's technology, coupled with the fact that I

have no technical info on the car! This makes my progress painfully slow.

I've a couple of questions:

What size tyres should be fitted on which axles, and what tyre pressures?

Presently I have 6.00 x 19 on the rear, and 6.5 x 19 on the front. The

steering is fiendishly heavy with 35psi in the tyres.

What should the contact breaker gap be? And how do I set the timing?

How do I inspect the brake shoes and how do I remove the wheels?

I will put up some photos of the car on a website very soon!

Best wishes,

John Lawton
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