A few questions...Some of Them Answered!

Welcome to the list to all of the newbies! John Lawton had some questions

concerning SHMBO's (She Who Must Be Obeyed) '28 Super Six, and Tom Goodman

provided some very good answers. A few points deserve further attention.

John reported his Super Six was hard to steer. First, it would probably

be worth while to slip a floor jack under your front axle and lift the front

of the car enough to raise the front wheels off of the ground. This will

allow you to check the steering system for binding and looseness. Assuming

all is well, it may be just as well to bear in mind that twenties cars had no

power assist and that the steering ratios were very fast compared to later

cars. While the penalty for fast steering is in the extra effort required,

there is a benefit as well. You will find that you need to wind the wheel a

good deal less than on an equivalent 40s/50s/60s car. Twenties cars steer

better as a result.

We would love to see your car so please don't be shy to post photos to

the "Files" section of this list. You may choose one of the folders already

there or make new ones of you own.

Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@aol.com

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