Perils of High Altitude

I have, on a couple of previous occasions, expressed an interest in

driving my '28 H to the top of Pikes Peak. Now that it seems to be

within reach on the 4th of July, I have a couple of questions for

anyone who has experience, knowledge or wisdom to help me in that


(1) The altitude in Colorado Springs is around 6000 feet (~1850M) and

the altitude at the top of PP is around 14000 (~4300M)feet. Any

suggestions or cautions other than to bring a screwdriver to lean out

the carb on the way.

(2) How about if I put a heavier mixture of coolant in the radiator

and, hopefully, increase the boiling point? This bothers me a

little: Are Hudsons notoriously over or under cooled?

(3) Any other concerns besides the obvious one about coming back down

and brakes, etc.? (If anyone suggests a parachute, I shall feel free

to ignore that suggestion.)

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